Choosing The Right Food For Your Kitty

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Cats are obligate (strict) carnivores, that is they are meat eaters with low carbohydrate needs. Cats can also be very fussy eaters – what pleases one will make the other turn up his/her nose.   The cat’s stomach and intestines are smaller than dogs and most other animals which is why they need high protein… Read more »

Appropriate Toys For Your Kitten

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Your playful kitty may turn everything from a ball of newspaper to the grocery sack into a toy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the real thing. You can keep your pet active and safeguard her health by picking appropriate toys.   Your kitten has the urge to attack objects. This “object play” stimulates… Read more »

The Right Toy For Your Kitten

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Cats will turn anything shiny, crinkly, or small enough to bat across the floor into a toy. Since Tabby doesn’t have hands, he has to pick up these makeshift toys in his mouth, where they can be easily swallowed (or if not easily swallowed, can cause choking). At best, a foreign object in your cat’s… Read more »

Which Kind of Cat Food Should I Buy?

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We’ve all seen a cat come running at the sound of a can opener — there’s no doubt that kitty loves getting canned food. But is canned food better for cats than dry food? Not necessarily. Each type of food has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor is whether the food meets your… Read more »

Cat Feeding Tips

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Cat-Feeding Tips   “You are what you eat” is a solid piece of common sense that is just as true for your cat as it is for you. Feed your cat a quality diet, and you’re more likely to have a healthy cat. The pet food industry is big business — and with good reason…. Read more »

Check out these cute black cats!

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Some may say that black cats are unlucky, we just think they are cute! If you love cats, you are sure to love these cute pictures of black cats that were submitted to us. Let us know which cat you think is the cutest, leave a comment below.